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Arduino Uno Driver- Key to More Innovation

As an open source electronic platform aiming easy to use hardware and software Arduino is a famed among many. There are Arduino boards to get inputs and turn them to useful outputs with all your instructions as it all controls through the microcontroller on the board.  In that way Arduino is source of more new things which can be easily be consumed with starter kit instructions and also while sharing your ideas with the members of Arduino community. So here I thought of bringing some important facts about Arduino Uno, the flagship board for both beginners and advanced users together with the Arduino Uno Driver facts. If you too like to start with Arduino Uno, have a quick look at the roundup for a trouble free start.

Arduino Uno Driver

Important Facts About Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno is the best recommendation for starters. In fact it is a front running board with easy consumption for both beginners and advanced users. So you only have to turn right Arduino Uno Driver to start easily with this supportive board.

Arduino Uno is microcontroller board built on the ATmega328 that includes 14 digital input/output pins. Among them 6 can be consumed as PWM outputs, 6 as analog inputs together with a 16 MHz ceramic resonator, a power jack, a USB connection, an ICSP header, and also as a reset button. In fact it is easily operational by connecting via USB or powering with AC-to-DC adapter and also with the option with a battery. So that this can be powered via USB or else with an external power supply. For more Arduino Uno does not feature  FTDI USB-to-serial driver chip like other boards in process but use Atmega16U2  up to version R2 as a converter of USB-to-serial. So thanks to its simplified and flexible interface this has been used in different projects with support through Mac, Windows, and Linux. So there Arduino Uno is easily manageable with the proper Arduino Uno driver installed more effectively than preceding boards.

Please Note: The board is operational with 6 to 20 volts, but the recommended number is 7 to 12 volts as more than that could damage the board

Connecting and Programming Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno connects to the computer through a USB which comes as the source of power and data to the board. And with the Arduino software you can program the board going on the path “Tools > Board” menu.

Arduino Uno Driver Install Windows/Vista/XP

Install Arduino softaware

  • Prior to all you need to download IDE to function with your board. With the latest Arduino IDE you can write and upload the programs to your Arduino
  • For Windows we recommend the installer exe which directly installs the things that required in the program including the Arduino driver install. In case if you choose the zip package these need to be manually installed

Connect Arduino Uno and Install Arduino Uno Driver software

  • OS X: You here have nothing to configure when “Keyboard Setup Assistant”comes. So close it with the red button
  • Windows: If you choose the exe, you have nothing to install manually. But if it is the zip package, unzip the file first to download and install Arduino Uno driver

If not find Arduino Uno in device manager (you do not need these in Windows 10 as it compatible with Arduino drivers)

Arduino Uno

Double click and launch unknown Arduino Uno device

Arduino Uno

Select “Update Driver” from Driver tab

Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno

Go to Arduino IDE and select “drivers” and “OK” to start the drivers install

Arduino IDE

  • Linux: You do not need to install Arduino drivers for Ubuntu 10.0.4 .In some cases, you will be required to set the user permissions and some more facts

Now you can start your board functions by clicking the right model

With the simple and easy accessible interface Arduino Uno can be managed. So follow our guide for Arduino Uno driver installation and start you move with the most flexible board.

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