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Setting out with Arduino UNO WiFi

ATmega328 and incorporated ESP8266 WiFi unit are the two components of Arduino uno wifi. This is the recommended board for those who want to commence their Arduino or else IoT practice. The entire supportiveness that need for the microcontroller is included with. It just required energizing with an AC-to-DC adapter/battery otherwise network using a USB wire. To enter the Wi-Fi connection, ESP8266 has SoC and that self-enclosed plus corporate TCP/IP practice stack. To execute transactions of Arduino drafts or Wi-Fi software and over the air encoding assistant is the demanding feature of Arduino uno wifi that controlled.


Network with Arduino uno wifi

Draw together a USB cord to network the Arduino uno wifi toward your Windows, Linux or Mac. The weight of the USB cable is that it stands to afford data and power on your board. Set off to your Arduino download Software/IDE and select the uno wifi from “Tools” panel. There you will enter to the “Board” set of choices.

How to install drivers?

Go through the relevant direction according to your machine.


Those who already entered the IDE have drivers with them. The others have to go through its official installation first. However, you can launch the relevant file to install drivers and software. If the file format is a zip extension, you have to unzip and let the installation to be completed. If anything goes wrong, there you can accomplish the same through a manual installment from unzipped extension.

Macintosh OSX

Keyboard Setup Assistant is the first setup windows that will open once you will connect on a Mac. Press down the button appears in red to close the window.

arduino uno wifi


While Ubuntu 10.0.4 is free from driver install, some others might have to setup user rules and authorization.

Initial configuration

  • Just remain for seconds once you energized your board
  • Carry out as Arduino-Uno-WiFi-xxxxxx with your machine for the uno WiFi AP ESSID
  • Now move to the web browser and navigate to www.

arduino uno wifi

  • You can rearrange the Hostname by switching WiFi or the CHANGE from menu. After it will change, snap again on CHANGE

arduino uno wifi

  • Go to the WiFi connection list and select yours. Give the accurate password and snap CHANGE once again

arduino uno wifi

  • You will see “Connected!” note with your IP address
  • You can enter the board via browser with your IP, after connecting to the computer
  • Click WiFi option from Settings section

arduino uno wifi

Note: Toggle STA mode is significant since Arduino IDE has to display the board. In the other hand, you will be able to save from assaults as it hides appearing as an open network.

  • With the next windows, you will see “Mode Changed” note
  • Arduino uno wifi has being prepared. Use your Hostname via www.hostname.local to enter the webpage

Now you can work with your initial configuration. Keep in mind to download the latest Arduino uno software which supports the wifi network. In accordance with formal directions, you can go ahead with the library “Ciao”. The technology assist you to interact your copy with others.

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